fade in NDI video but not audio

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select column which have NDI media with transition option working well transition effect on video, but not audio, unlike normal video which have audio.

also, there are no "audio volume / audio routing" option for NDI media. (I've done with loopback and blackhole anyway)

is there any way transition audio for NDI ? if not, do you have any plan support this feature next update?


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    well. at the moment, I solve this issue with LoopBack and OSC-for-OBS .

    hope support this feature next update.


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    Hello @icq4ever,

    This is the expected behavior : audio for NDI media is rendered differently than movies.

    But we have been working on standardizing this behavior. In next beta (3.19.o), audio of NDI media should follow the transition.

    Best. Philippe

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