Multi projectors with Mac

Hi everyone,

I have Millumin both on my laptop and on a MacMini.

It's not so clear how can I have differents projectors connected with differents canvas.

I would need the simple way to have

canvas1 on projector 1

canvas 2 on projector 2


For the Mac Mini

1/ should I plug 2 different HDMI (via usb-c)

2/ Or should I buy an external device ? Is the Matrox Head the right thing to buy ?

Sorry for these basics questions, I'm a bit lost



  • Hello @plocploc,

    The MacMini 2018 can manage up to 3 external displays : one via HDMI and two via Thunderbolt 3.

    The MacMini 2020 (Apple M1) can manage up to 2 external displays : one via HDMU and one via Thunderbolt 3.

    More info in this article from Apple website.

    If you need more displays, you can use device such as the Datapath FX4 or a Matrox TripleHead, see this article.

    Regarding the MacMini 2020 (Apple M1), we have been quickly testing this DisplayLink hub from Plugable, and the results were quite good (especially at this price).

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks

    I'll dig into this !

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