Unintentional Deleting/Closing Timeline

I've searched the forum and haven't seen this discussed.

I've learned the hard way that when working in a timeline that pressing command+w will close/delete that timeline and a command+z will NOT undo this. I feel that this is very dangerous and there should be a way to undo and at the very least a confirmation pop up prompt to prevent this from happening unintentionally.

I'm open to thoughts and suggestions.


  • Hello @RoggieRog,

    Your timeline is not deleted at all, just closed.

    Indeed, you will find your timeline in the library (click the ">>" button on the left of the interface). This is a behavior very similar to other softwares such as After Effects.

    If you are beginning with Millumin, I strongly suggest to follow our first tutorials here.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe. Thank you for clarifying. That makes sense. The language does say “close” not “delete”. I just never checked the library list.

    I have recently watched your beginner tutorial as well as most of the timeline tutorial. They’ve both fantastic and have been very helpful. I’ve also searched the help pages and have gotten a lot out of them.

    thanks for hour quick reply.

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