Different canvases same output / looking for editable preview solution

Hello you all.

I'm working in the creation of a theatrical performance in which we will have several cameras on the stage. The images will be manipulated live.

I'm trying to find a way to prepare and edit the content of the next act while playing content for the current act. Basically, not only preview what will come on the projector, but edit it and tweak it while the audience sees something else. The stage props and the cameras will move around during the performance, so, even if I have all the effects prepared, I might need to correct the position of the masks, etc, during the performance.

I'm new to Milumin, so I'm still trying things out. I found a way to make it happen, but I was wondering if there is a simpler solution.

I found out that if I create two different canvases, and use the same output to both, I can achieve what I want by playing the two contents at the same time, one in each canvas. I can easily manipulate the content of the "next scene" canvas without showing it to the audience, because the content of the "current scene" overlaps it in the output final image. By changing to the 2nd column, I stop the "current" content and continue showing only the "next" one.

The problem of that "solution" is when I need to do it again for the next-next scene. I would need to create a third canvas, etc. The second problem is that sometimes, I don't know why, the "next" ends up being the one that overlaps the "current".

Is there a way to decide which canvas will overlap the other? As we can with layers? I've tried to move the canvases up and down, but it doesn't change anything.

Or would it be possible to create an interaction which controls which of my two canvases will appear in the final output?

Sorry for the long explanation and thanks for the help :)


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