LTC Input

I am working on a project involving LTC but am having issues getting the signal into Millumin. I am playing back the track with timecode on one channel. This signal is then being split to my GrandMA2 console and into a Mac Pro. The GrandMA2 recognizes the TC just fine.

I can see the TC signal coming into the Mac Pro by both looking at my input levels in system sound preferences and by running audacity and taking a recording of the audio input. However, when I go to set up the Timecode Interaction in Millumin, add a Audio (LTC) source, and select the audio device and proper channel, no timecode is recognized.

What am I missing?


  • Hello @marklneumann,

    (sorry for the delay, your post was in the spams of the forum)

    Did you authorize Millumin to capture audio ? A popup asked you to do so, but if you miss-clicked, you need to re-authorize Millumin in macOS System Prefrences / Security & Privacy / Privacy / Microphone.

    Best. Philippe

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