Can't find folder to put image in when using Shadertoy-to-ISF Converter.

Hi there,

i'm using Shadertoy-to-ISF Converter and for shaders which don't use image it works just fine. But in many cases there are images which should be saved in the same folder than compiled (compiled with millumin) shader. So my problem is that i can't find the folder, it is probably not visible with a reason. Does anybody know the solution for a quite a beginner of mac user.

Thank you!


  • Hello @gregork,

    Simply put the image file in the same folder of the ISF file.

    Be sure there is a section as below (in the header of the ISF file) :

    "IMPORTED": {

          "myImportedImage": {

             "PATH": "MyImage.png"



    Best. Philippe

  • Thank You Philippe,

    now there is another problem but not with image path, something with code. In attachment are two shaders with error and images for them. If you have some additional idea, it would be great.

    All best


  • Have some problems with sending you attachment. So here are link to shaderstoy.

  • Hello @gregork,

    The convertion from is not working because a function is missing (this is "texture(...)").

    Also, I think there is an offset problem with the textures between Shadertoy and ISF. But this is beyond my knowledge (you would have to dive into the code, sorry).

    Anyway, I got an ISF working and approaching the original shader. Unzip the file below in /Users/me/Library/Millumin/ISF-sources and you will be able to use in Millumin (see library/shaders).

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank You!!

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