Triggering cue via MIDI.Millumin stops responding to midi if I stop cue with the mouse

Hello, I hope someone has a solution.

I am using a Digico SD9 to send PC midi notes to trigger cues. If I freshly open Millumin it works perfectly until I edit anything in the program.

The message is still received in the monitor but it will not play the cue unless the program is re-opened and not touched.

Using Millumin 3 and iMac.

Any advise is appreciated


  • Hello @isilenti,

    A few questions :

    • Are you sure the Digico is sending a correct MIDI signal (a note ON and OFF when you release the button) ?
    • Do you have the issue with a simple MIDI controller ?
    • Try to set the "transformer" for your interaction to "(none)" : do you have the issue ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Phillipe

    The Digico is sending a specific Midi PC change for each column. Millumin monitor does confirm a new message everytime we trigger the cue. Just no playback after a mouse click. Should I rather send Note ON/OFF?

    I will check with a "simple" midi controller tomorrow as I'm not in the venue today.

    Can you expand on (Try to set the "transformer" for your interaction to "(none)" : do you have the issue ?)

    Thank you


  • Hello @isilenti,

    Yes, please try with simple Note ON/OFF, since I'm not sure the MIDI PC signals are correctly sent by your Digico. Let us know the results.

    If you can, also test with a "simple" MIDI controller, this would help us to compare with your Digico.

    Thank you for your answers. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe

    I changed a bit and decided only to work with "play next column" for the note on for running the show

    It is very stable so I think the PC msg was the issue.

    I've not had the time to check with my basic midi controller but I rather went with the stream deck for calling specific cues.

    Thanks again, Carlo

  • Hi,

    I experienced the same problem.

    When I configure a column as a midi target millumin listens to the midi output of our light console (which is a Transtechnik Prisma NT) and gets a midi message through a RME Fireface device connected to a MacPro. So far, so good. The first try after that the system does what it should do. But when I stop the triggerd column and start that one before it doesn't shoot the next time as Carlo also described.

    Our Transtechnik console sends midi as a note on. You can select two values which are called Data1 and Data2. These are the note number and the velocity in musical speech. Millumin receives MIDI CH1/N1. I have no idea what this means but I don't care as long as it works what it does not.

    I compared with QLab which we use as our main software. There you can specify the same parameters as on the Console, the kind of midi signal (NoteOn, NoteOff etc), note (Data1) and velocity (Data2) as a real number without letters. It works completely reliable for years.

    Any idea what I can do to make it work on millumin? We use v4.


  • Hello @GeeWI,

    Is the "transformer" of your interaction set to "switch" ?

    If so, Millumin is waiting for a Note "ON" (press) then a Note "OFF". To avoid this behavior, select "(none)" as the transformer.

    Best. Philippe

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