Triggering cue via MIDI.Millumin stops responding to midi if I stop cue with the mouse

Hello, I hope someone has a solution.

I am using a Digico SD9 to send PC midi notes to trigger cues. If I freshly open Millumin it works perfectly until I edit anything in the program.

The message is still received in the monitor but it will not play the cue unless the program is re-opened and not touched.

Using Millumin 3 and iMac.

Any advise is appreciated


  • Hello @isilenti,

    A few questions :

    • Are you sure the Digico is sending a correct MIDI signal (a note ON and OFF when you release the button) ?
    • Do you have the issue with a simple MIDI controller ?
    • Try to set the "transformer" for your interaction to "(none)" : do you have the issue ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Phillipe

    The Digico is sending a specific Midi PC change for each column. Millumin monitor does confirm a new message everytime we trigger the cue. Just no playback after a mouse click. Should I rather send Note ON/OFF?

    I will check with a "simple" midi controller tomorrow as I'm not in the venue today.

    Can you expand on (Try to set the "transformer" for your interaction to "(none)" : do you have the issue ?)

    Thank you


  • Hello @isilenti,

    Yes, please try with simple Note ON/OFF, since I'm not sure the MIDI PC signals are correctly sent by your Digico. Let us know the results.

    If you can, also test with a "simple" MIDI controller, this would help us to compare with your Digico.

    Thank you for your answers. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe

    I changed a bit and decided only to work with "play next column" for the note on for running the show

    It is very stable so I think the PC msg was the issue.

    I've not had the time to check with my basic midi controller but I rather went with the stream deck for calling specific cues.

    Thanks again, Carlo

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