Shutter control with a "Digital Projection HIGHlite" Video Projector ?


Next week, I will have to use this Projector "Digital Projection HIGHlite".

It doesn't support standard PJLink, and I have a few shutter ON/OFF in my project.

Fortunately, they provide a protocol guide

So, I guess I will have to send these commands :

*shutter = 1\r

*shutter = 0\r

and use a String track

*shutter = [INT_VALUE][RETURN]

Is this the right way to do it ? It doesn't seem to change the value in the monitor.

Lastly, my project is just a big timeline. There's no way to use flags in a String track ?

Thanks for your advice.


  • Hello @hyll,

    This looks right to me, at least according to the documentation.

    You may try *shutter = 1[HEX_0D] (carriage return code is 13 or 0D in hexadecimal). But I doubt it would change something.

    Did you contact the manufacturer's support ?

    Best. Philippe

    PS : flags are only available for OSC data-track, but this is planned to be generalized to all types of data-tracks (not ETO however).

  • Thanks Philippe, I'll give it a try :p

  • edited January 28

    For those who might be interested, it didn't work that way. I got it working, sending the same message, but in ascii codes with Max Msp.

    Anyways, the shutter on this projector sucks. It first mutes the AV beam and one full second later it physically shuts, pretty much useless then.

  • You can also send pure ASCII codes with Millumin's data-track via [HEX_XX] keyword.

  • I thought so, but I didn't try it.

    As my patch was working, and I could use OSC flag with it, I went that way.


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