AJA 4k iO Plus as SDI input capture.

Hello Millumin Crew

My setup:

iMac Pro or 16” MacBook Pro – Both running 3.18g

AJA 4k iO plus with thunderbolt 3 – running current firmware, 15.5.3

Trying to use the AJA iO as a SDI input convertor. Ultimately I would like to bring in 4 x 1080p cameras on a UHD quad and split them out using surfaces or slice editor. But let’s get one working first.  

All my other capture devices work as I think they would: Blackmagic UltraStudio on thunderbolt and Osprey SDI capture box on USB3. They all pop right up and are solid.  

My AJA shows up in the inputs panel and I drag it to the dash board, then change the resolution to 1920x1080 in the settings and the camera will pop up in the program window. BUT, it’s not live video, just a still frame of the camera. If I switch columns, then back to the AJA column, I have to change the resolution to something different and then back to 1920x1080, and it pops up again with just a still frame.

I can also bring in a UHD signal, with 2 cameras populated in the quad. But same thing, they are just still frames of the live video.

The camera is live in the AJA monitor output. I can record perfectly in the AJA Control Room app. And I can record perfectly in Quick Time, by just changing the input off the Facetime camera.  

Everything I’ve seen on the forum and in Millumin help files says if it work in QuickTime it will work in Millumin. That’s where I’m lost. Am I missing a special driver, or a simple check box in preferences? Or is it simply not going to work for me? Please help, I’d love to be able to run this off the AJA iO and not 4 Osprey or U-Tap boxes ( because I don’t think the USB buss will handle it ).   

Thanks all! Still loving Millumin every day I use it!   


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