Build an automatic show for few mouth


For an exhibition, I need to build an automatic show (soft-edge with 2 barco projector etc..) which need to start atp (for exemple) and stop at 11pm... Millumin must start barcos and the video show and after to stop the show and turn off the Barcos. I have other show with panasonic projector.

What kind of link I need to use with barco and panasonic projector and start the show at the right time?

Thanks a lot in advance



  • You can use PJLink protocol to turn on/off your projectors. Some brand do not support PJLink but works with simple "strings. Please contact the manufacturer to know which is the best protocol to deal with.
    To send orders to the projectors at the right time : use a data-track in Millumin (PJLink or "string") and a "scheduler" interaction (click the "+" button in Interaction panel)

    Best. Philippe
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