Create a circuit

in "create a light show" training, there is a possibility to create a circuit to handle different lights as one. But I don't see the "circuit" column in the monitor screen...


  • Hi, in the new version, you can create a circuit when you are in Light mode, and clic on +, like when you create a layer in canvas mode.
  • Hello @LYB,

    Indeed, the behavior evolved a bit since version 3.16 : now, you have "light states" that makes the things much more easier. And we replaced the concept of "circuit" by these "light states". But in "channel grid" view, you can also group lights simply if they have the same name (the command-line will update all lights at once).

    See the short video on this post to introduce these new features.
    Let us know if you have a question.

    Best. Philippe

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