Slow motion & reverse playing

Hi there,

For a coming show, I've been asked to be able to do at a certain time slow motion and reverse playing on an incoming video input stream from a camera on stage.
I guess, the process needs to write the video stream on my hard drive, and when I decide, ask Millumin to switch from the live input video to the recorded media to be able to read the file slowlier (still while recording the stream), or to read it reversely.

Did anyone already had to do that, and what can be the tip for that.

(PS: sorry if this question has already been asked, I didn't find the concerning topic)

Thanks for your help !



  • Hello @Nico,

    I guess a Max patch would be a good solution. So you could customize the behavior to match your requirements.
    See this tutorial might help. Also, Millumin's developer-kit have some example of Max patches (especially running with Syphon).

    There are a few video-loopers, such as Remixvideo (free trial), but I never use them, so I am not sure it would fit your needs.

    Best. Philippe
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    In case you are still looking - I have been using VDMX for more complicated tasks in millumin. it requires less low-level coding than max. Its also easy to connect via OSC and Syphon.

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