NDI Output stuttering [SOLVED]

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I've just bought a TriCaster from NewTek and I'm trying to connect Millumin via NDI so I can playback Videos with Alpha via NDI.
Connection works very well but all videos I am trying to playback are stuttering. Sometimes they are smooth ... than stuttering again at the exact same position.
My TriCaster Project and the Videos are 50fps.
I also did not find a way to change the frame rate for the NDI Output. But I'm not sure how exactly NDI is working with frame rates.
Any thoughts?

I'm connected with a NetGear M4250 Switch with 10 GbE Uplink to the TriCaster and just my Laptop directly connected to a 1 GbE Port. So I think bandwidth cannot be the problem.

It would be so great to playback videos with alpha via NDI. Would make so many things that much easier!

Kind regards

PS: The stuttering is the same when just playing back Videos without the Alpha Channel.


  • Please run this test :
    - disconnect any device and display from your computer
    - run the project attached : there are 2 canvases, one outputting NDI, the other receiving it
    - do you have the issue ?
    - if ok, play your movie : do you have the issue ?

    About framerate : Millumin framerate matches the framerate of your displays. If your displays run at 60Hz, Millumin will render at 60fps as well.

    Let us know the results.
    Best. Philippe
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    Hey, thank your for your fast reply. I downloaded and opened the project.
    When setting both of the canvas to 1024x768px everything seems to be fine.
    1920x1080 is stuttering 3840x2160 even more.

    1024x768: 60% Graphics Card Usage
    1920x1080: 80% Graphics Card Usage
    3840x2160: 90% Graphics Card Usage

    MacBook Pro 2016 with TouchBar (i7 2,9 GHz, 16 GB RAM, Radeon Pro 460 4 GB)
    I'll be back in office tomorrow and will do the same test with my iMac Pro.

    Is my MacBook really too weak to send just one NDI Stream???
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    We just published an update with an optmization for some situation like yours.
    For sure, sending NDI with alpha is way more intensive than without alpha, but nowadays computers and a good network should be able to do so.

    Best. Philippe
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