New to Millumin - cutting up a >4K raster for transmission to a NovaStar system with no artifacts


I'm new to Millumin and I'm trying to execute something fairly straightforward.  I have a raster that's 5760x2160 that I want to chop into [1] 4K raster and [2] HD rasters for transmission over HDMI and then re-assemble it on an LED wall into a single seamless image with no artifacts.  I need pixel-accurate Region Of Interest control and output mapping control.  Everything is perfectly rectangular and 16:9.

I'm wondering if someone can point me to the right screens to execute this.  I found output control, but couldn't find how to apply it to ROI. Is that under "slices"? 

Also are there EDID management tools in Millumin, including custom EDIDs or EDID emulation?  There are devices between the Millumin PC and ultimate display which may drop EDID.  I need to lock EDID at the source if possible.

Additionally, is there any sort of image synch option to prevent tearing.  I believe mac gpx cards have the capability for image synch, but the controls are locked down at the GUI layer.  Does Millumin have a tunnel to that control, or some sort of internal SMPTE timecode capability?

Thanks very much, and if this is all in a manual somewhere, feel free to google-slap me.


  • Hello @StevenK,

    You can use "advanced layout" to do so.
    See atatched project : there is 3 outputs assembled in a 5760x2160 canvas.

    There is no EDID management tool in Millumin, since this is rather a hardware thing : despite there exists some software to do so (such as SwitchResX), it's better to use a physical EDID dongle/emulator.

    Also, locking/syncing outputs is a hardware thing. So it doesn't depend on Millumin (that is pure software). The best solution so far is to use a Blackmagic Decklink 8K Pro, to get 4 x frame-sync 2160p60 SDI.)
    However, the GPU outputs tends to stay in sync, just run some tests to check this out. And here is an article where 3 x Datapath FX4 are synchronized together with a high-end GPU.

    Best. Philippe
  • We've tested multiple Datapath FX4 with sync generators and an egpu together with a Barco E2. Stitching all the outputs back together in the E2, you'll still get tearing if you push the software hard enough. It's a lot worse without the sync generator. May still have the test footage somewhere.
  • Hello @andrew,

    What do you mean by "pushing the software hard enough" ? Reaching the limit of your GPU ?
    During our tests, when we overloaded the GPU, yes screen tearing appears, but as soon as the GPU was relieved, the outputs became frame-sync once again.

    Thank you. Philippe
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