OSC /ping command

It seems the /ping command for OSC only has effect if the "API/feedback" is toggled on in the OSC device manager.

It would be useful if one could /ping even when API/feedback is toggled OFF. For instance, when a control device is first connected, it could /ping to get all the current settings (or at least the ones it cares about.)

"API/Feedback" is good for debugging, but it is a lot of continuously streamed data... most of which isn't needed most of the time. /ping would allow us to determine when to refresh ALL the data.


  • Hello @Tryll,

    Indeed, the "/ping" OSC message is meant to be used by other applications, in order to get all informations about Millumin's current project. This is for example very useful to TouchOSC, so it can be updated correctly right after being launched.

    From what I understand, you want a control application to be able to enable/disable API feedback. So Millumin sends feedback only when such an application wants to.
    We did not plan to work on such a feature to be direct, but feel free to submit an idea on Uservoice, so we could keep track of this request and see if other users are also interested.

    Also, keep in mind that API feeback is optimized, so sending OSC messages does not ask a lot of ressources for your computer. It should not be on control application as well, at least if OSC messages are correctly filtered out.

    Best. Philippe
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