Importing SVG Masks

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to import  SVG file masks, is it possible right?
what I'm doing is not working.

here's what I do:

- I draw a simple mask with Illustrator (16 lines total)
- I save as SVG (svg 1.0)
- I create a new layer
- I put a solid color as media
- I go in the mask section, select the 3 points, import as SVG, select my mask, but nothing is happening..

What am I doing wrong?




  • Please write us an email to contact/millumin with the SVG file, so we could check if it's an issue or not.
    Thank you.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @albertospad,

    Thank you, I received your file.
    There are several issues in your files :
    - your drawing is made of several disconnected segments, instead of one continuous path
    - the resolution of your SVG is quite different than your video content I guess
    - there are a lot of hidden paths, so Millumin will try to import them all

    Please have a look at the attached file, here what I did :
    - I use the "join" feature of Illustrator to connect all your segment, so it is now a continuous path
    - I changed the resolution of your SVG so it matches a standard video output
    - I removed all hidden paths from the file
    (I also changed the drawing so it does not look like your original file, for confidential reasons)

    Best. Philippe
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