Control Millumin Mediaserver from an other Mac in the same network

Hi everyone,

is it possible to run Millumin on a Macbook and stream the outputs through an other machine in the same Lan running Millumin as well? 

I would like to have my monitor control on a separate machine (my macbook pro) and use all the six media server outputs for the projectors..


have a good day



  • Do you want to preview the content of each Millumin/computers on a single machine ? If so, you could use an NDI server : for each Millumin, set your canvas in "advanced layout" mode, then create an output for your display and one for NDI.
    This way, you can watch the 6 NDI servers at the same time from another machine on the network.

    If you want to also control the Millumin via the network, you can use OSC message (see OSC API).
    This tutorial may also help you.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks, the OSG solution could work for me, I will test!
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