Audio From a Magewell 2nd gen capture device

I have a small show coming up in a couple of weeks that is a single camera setup. I am using a magewell 2nd gen capture dongle and need to use Millumin (V3) as a switcher between the camera and video rolls.  It's a no budget benefit.

It does not appear that the audio is making it to Millumin from the camera. There is no radio button for "render audio" in either the dashboard or timeline.  It is like it is an MOS media element.

I checked in quicktime and the sound makes it there perfectly.

I am sure there is just a knob that I haven't turned yet but I feel like I have run out of options. Any help will be appreciated.


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    Hello @Trigg,

    Sorry, but Millumin doesn't render audio for inputs such as webcam or capture cards (except for Blackmagic and NDI media).
    But this is a good idea, you could submit it on Uservoice so we could see if other uers are also interested.

    Anyway, a solution could be to use Loopback to process the audio from your card only.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you. I'll give loopback a shot.
  • Will millumin render the audio from a atem mini blackmagic pro? From your answer above I assume it does but I want to verify.

  • Hello @Trigg,

    Sorry it won't be : this device is a special one in Blackmagic lineup. Indeed, this is not a capture card.
    It just provides a feed that is recognized like a webcam by macOS (thus Millumin).

    Best. Philippe
  • Ok, Sorry to be a question generator but...  Does the new Blackmagic 3g thunderbolt 3 ultrastudio recorder pass camera audio?  

    Since it is a single camera show, and sync, other than lip, is not critical I am considering capturing the video on a separate computer to full screen quicktime and using NDI to get it to the Millumin machine.  Is this a plan worth a try?

    It is a freebie show so I would prefer not to spend a lot on gear that might be obsolete by the time a vaccine comes around.

    I did take your suggestion and made an entry on Uservoice.
  • Hello @Trigg,

    We didn't test the new BMD Ultrastudio Recorder 3G, but it should behave like Ultrastudio Mini Recorder (the previous generation). Thus it will have the option to "render audio".

    But as explained in my previous messages, Loopback may be the best solution in your case. I don't think going NDI would make the things easier.

    Best. Philippe
  • Gotcha. Thank you for your great input and your patience!
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