control video/lyaer by midi controller

i try to relaunch a vidéo/layer with my controller...
In INTERACTION, i select my midi note and search in toogle/linear/switch, but i'm search to:
start at eachtime i play and touch my midinotepad send the beginning of my video_loop_layer ??

I don't find how i can do this...
can you help me please ...
silly thing i supposed...


  • You have to rules all media on : linear!!! (not the layer)
  • Hello @nikola,

    If you select "toggle" as the transformer, the media will starts the first time and stops the second time.
    Use the "switch" mode to always starts your media from the beginning with the interaction. See attached project.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello,

    Be careful with your MIDI note of your hardware, because he can be in switch or toggle mode too !


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