MacPro 2019 Frame sync outputs

As my Mac Pro 6.1 seems to be dying Im thinking of buying the new one...
Here comes the question... Does anyone know if the video outputs on these machines will be in perfect sync considering the fact of using MPX module so routing the video outputs to thunderbolt3 ports all over the machine?
On the other hand has anyone tested the 2019  Mac Pro with millumin?
Any info will be appreciated as I don't want to make the same mistake I did choosing the trash can.


  • Hello @Mariusz,

    Millumin works well on the MacPro 2019 and even supports the AfterBurner card (to speed up ProRes decoding). Many users reported so.

    About frame-sync.
    There is no guarantee that GPU included in the MacPro 2019 will frame-sync the outputs : indeed, you would need additional technologies such as a genlock signal to do so perfectly. For example, see this article about frame-sync with a Datapath FX4.

    On another side, there was rumors about Apple implementing a special driver to frame-sync high-end GPU, but as far as I know, no one had a confirmation about this. On my side, I noticed that my eGPU's outputs were all frame-sync (of course, except when the GPU is overloaded), so I didn't have a problem, but this was a test at my studio, not in real life.
    Anyway, this may be a good test to ask on the Facebook group here (where some operators already have a MacPro 2019).

    Best. Philippe
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