Infrared GigE Vision

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I've purchased this device + suitable lens, accessories and stage props with the correct light source to be captured by this camera sensor (940nm), what's left is to make it work natively in MacOS and of course to get the video feed into Millumin. 

I'm lost, like really lost, it was more complicated than I originally thought and I'm now trying to learn GitHub, code reading/writing, compiling, xcode, home-brew bla bla and etc etc but with no success, I'm lost, really lost...  :( 

Is there a way for a not so computer literate person like myself to get this working with Millumin? Any advice/help/instructions are more than welcome.

Many thanks,



  • Hello @thomnom,

    As a network device, your GigE camera may be not configured correctly (binded to an IP that is not suitable for your network for example).
    Do you have a software or drivers provided by the manufacturer ? Does it work with your camera ?

    Best. Philippe
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