Iphone camera live in Millumin?

Hi everybody!

I would like to use the videocamera of an Iphone on live and play it with Millumin on stage.
Has someone tried it before?
Should I use syphon?
Thanks, have a nice day!


  • Hello @Lau,

    You can plug your iPhone via USB, then get the capture directly in Millumin's library (see "Input" group).
    Or you can use an iOS application such as NDI HX Camera to get the camera over the Wifi.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Philippe! Will try that ;)
  • Hi Philippe,

    Continuing the same subject:

    I'm using NDI HX Camera, but somehow it's not working...

    When using the app, I see the images in the NewTek NDI Video Monitor without any problems. In Millumin, I see the NDI HX Camera appearing in the input library as soon as I connect the phone.

    But when bringing it to the dashboard, I get only a black screen. Am I missing any plugins or settings that I don't know?

    I've found a way to solve it by creating a screen capture of the NewTek NDI Video Monitor software, but is there another way?


  • Hello @luisluis,

    I just tested NDI HX Camera with Millumin 3.18.g, and everything is fine. I did not find a difference between Millumin and NewTek NDI Video Monitor.

    If the problem persists, create a point-to-point network on your computer, then connect your iPhone to it.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe.

    Thanks for the help. I found a solution, it was in the settings of the app on the phone.

    In "NDI Mode", I had to change the option from "Prefer UDP" to "Prefer TCP", and it instantly worked.

    Following the same topic, I've been also testing using the phone with Reflector. What would be the best way to bring it to Millumin? As a screen capture, or is there another way?

    Thanks again,


  • Hello @luisluis,

    Maybe Reflector has a Syphon output.

    But I think NDI HX Capture may be what you are looking for.

    Best. Philippe

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