Replacing missing Audio interface and muted audio

I just purchased Millium and I'm super happy! 

I'm programming a show with my main audio interface (Focusrite Clarett). Often I need to open it "offline" away from my main setup (e.g. I a hotel room) with my interface disconnected. I then get the "Missing audio interface" prompt when opening the program and I'm asked to choose another interface to replace it. I then choose my internal Mac speakers. I continue building my show with Clarett offline. Since I have saved two different audio layouts (one for the main L/R audio and one for a click track on ch3 holding multiple media files) it's easy enough to replace the audio interface with my Clarett on those two layouts when reopening the program and all the corresponding media swaps to Clarett. All the audio plays back fine from the columns just holding a media file - but any column with an embedded timeline are muted until I open each of the corresponding timelines. Is this a bug? Is there a global overview where I can manually route all of my audio clips to the proper interfaces any time? In the Audio Layout setting I can see the other files sharing the layout, but it would be super nice to have a faster way of getting to all media files and their routing.



  • Hello @jaconiel,

    Thank you.
    I reproduced the problem : indeed, when changing the layout, the timelines embed in the dashboard are not updated until the timeline is opened. This bug has been dully noted, and we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

    Regarding a global view to set the audio-routing, or an option to set audio-routing for the whole layer : this is something we have in mind, but nothing for sure for now. Don't hesitate to submit an idea on Uservoice.

    Best. Philippe
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