Millumin and wireless footswitch

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I m looking for a good way (stable way) to control millumin with a footswitch…and if it is wireless it is better!!

I am musician from France…absolutely not a « video technician »…and i try to make visual concert show with this fantastic tool called Millumin…i need to trigger Millumin and Ableton during my performance…however, i have a lot of trouble to control it with a footswitch!

I have use Source Audio SOLEMAN for several years but i had real bad time with it!
I m now thinking of using AirTurn DUO 200…

Does any one could give me an advice???

here s a link of our shows (for the curious)
OU ES TU LUNE? Compagnie Minibox trailers - YouTube
PARALLEL LINES trailers résidence - YouTube


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