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EDIT : I found the solution. I did a bad calibration. But the latency is very high and the animation of the letters is lagging a lot.;;; And my GPU and CPU seem ok. 

Hello Milluminers,

I was experimenting some stuff on Particles text... 
InFCParticle brush Property, I'm trying,  with blob tracker and also with kinect, to make the text move. I used interactions tool to remap mouse position. I see in FCParticle brush Property that the X and Y are changing when i'm moving my blobtracker. But nothing is happening on the text.. 
Or sometimes weird stuff.. Like a line of the text is disappearing instantly.

So isnt it possible to remap the brush tool?

Note : When i'm using the brush tool inside the canvas window everything is working well.


  • You need to convert the scale of the blob-tracking into the scale of the particles system :
    - blob-tracking coordinates are starting from [-width/2,-height/2] to [width/2,height/2] (where width and height are the size of your media)
    - particles coordinates really depends on the settings (because you can adjust the camera in 3D), but this is usually something like from [-5,-5] to [5,5]

    In brief, be sure to add a "linear" transformer to your interaction.
    See attached project.

    Best. Philippe
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