Layer name tweaks

Have been enjoying my Covid lock downtime to build a CompanionPi setup in a road case.
While trying to get Millumin to give feedback of time remaining of a clip and column number I spotted the Companion plugin asks for the time remaining is default to 'layer 1'. I've noticed that, at least in 3.17.b that the first layer is actually called Layer' and when I make a second it makes 'layer 3'. I think thats a bug in itself but it would be good to lock in a name structure for new versions. 
Ideally it would have the bottom layer to be called 'layer 1' and then as you add layers to the dashboard (and timelines) be called 'layer 2', 'layer 3' etc....
Obviously people can change layer names and change anything to just layer or a label but for defaults could this change be made?


  • Hello @lotech,

    Thank you for submitting this (small) bug. This will be fixed in next update (3.16.d), and indexing of newly created will work as before ("layer", then "layer 2" then "layer 3").
    For now, we won't change the behavior as it has been the one for years without any complaint (I mean first layer will keep being named "layer", not "layer 1").

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks! I know its a small thing but good to fix.
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