Outputting through an 8k Pro is stuck in NTSC

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Hello all,

I am so new to Millumin, so this may be super super simple. But I am trying to run a 2160p59.94 feed out of Millumin through a decklink 8k Pro. However, the Decklink seems to default to NTSC 525i59.94. And I don't see a place for me to control this. Is there a possible issue here? I have the decklink set to 2160p59.94 default. But it will not appear the way in Millumin. Am I missing something?

Also, when I use "CMD + F" to go fullscreen, my fps is being forced by the Decklink, that is setting to 59.94, down to 30 fps. Not 59.94. Is this changeable?

Further information: The decklink 8k pro is being genlocked at NTSC 525i59.94.

Thank you for the help!


  • Hello @mwebb9413,

    A few questions :
    - What is the version of you Blackmagic Video Desktop ? 11.5.1 ?
    - Are you sure your Decklink 8K Pro is correctly setup in Blackmagic Video Desktop ? There are various mode for SDI connectors. Ask Blackmagic support for more information.
    - Are you sure you are using the right SDI connector (be careful 2 and 3 are swapped) ?
    - Are you able to output in 2160p59.94 mode with another application ?
    - Can you select the mode "2160p59.94" in Millumin's Output popup ?

    Lastly : did you ask Blackmagic support to check any hardware issue with your Decklink 8K Pro ?

    Best. Philippe
  • 1. I am running BDV 11.6
    2. My connectors are setup as individual I/O with default resolution 2160p59.94 and level B SDI outputs
    3. For testing purposes I brought it down to just 1 SDI output (set the decklink back to single link 12G or quad link 3G mode) and Millumin still only saw NTSC
    4. I am able to do this with Resolume. However, I am looking at Millumin because Resolume is having horrid framrate drops with Blackmagic products, and I use BMD Decklinks almost exclusively. A friend recommended to check out Millumin, which I hadn't heard of or tried yet, and see if it could do what Resolume could not.
    5. In the Millumin advanced output, my display drop down only sees NTSC. As an option.

    I have spoken with BMD support a lot, as I am trying to find a media server solution that will allow me to output SDI. We install a ton of media server solutions now (the company I work for) but I want to use software based solutions that are more user friendly than the tour industry UIs in America.I have never had issues with BMD products in my other dealings (ProPresenter, OBS, etc.) until I started trying them with media server software. However I did contact them and they know of no problem in the systems.
  • Also to clarify, I CAN change the outputs 2160p59.94 in the horizontal or vertical output setup. but NOT the advanced, which is what I need to use most times in our setups. Essentially I need to replicate the Advanced Output feature of Resolume here in Millumin. But in Millumin, my "advanced output" display select menu does not allow me to specify what resolution and framerate to send out, for the BMD 8K pro outputs nor the NDI outputs. Only in"horizontal" or "vertical" will it allow me to do this. 
  • Hello @mwebb9413,

    Are you able to use your device with the « horizontal layout » ?
    If the problem persists, could you send us a TeamViewer session so we could check this out ? (send it to our email support contact / millumin)

    For info, we did test a lot the Decklink 8K Pro, and it worked well with Millumin (in a chassis, in a desktop computer, in 8K mode, using 2 of them, ...).

    Best. Philippe
  • I am able to use it in horiztonal layout and vertical layout just fine. Just not in Advanced Layout. I will run more tests Tuesday and let you know!
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    I am not sure what happened but now they all read as 2160p59.94. It seems they finally took the desktop video "default" setup. But now I cannot figure out how to duplicate the results. I need on eoutput to be UHD and one to be HD. However, changing the Desktop Video default to 1080p doesn't seem to illicit any response from Millumin. They are now stuck in 2160p mode. Which I admit is closer to where I want to be haha. Just am trying to figure out how to control this myself.

    EDIT: So I found out through testing that if I create a new project, create four screens in horiztonal or vertical mode and change each output to the desired resolution and framerate, then save and close. When I open the advanced output ONLY AFTER CLOSING THE PROJECT AND REOPENING, then my advanced output dropdown choices get updated to what I chose in the horizontal mode. And this translates to other project files I open.
  • Hello @mwebb9413,

    Sorry for the delay in my reply.

    Ok, now I understand. The "horizontal" and "vertical" layout allows the user to choose between the different modes of your Blackmagic device (1080p30, 1080p60, 2160p60, ...). But the interface with the "advanced" layout doesn't have such a menu with sub-menu to do so.
    In brief, you are missing an interface to choose between Blackmagic mode with the "advanced" layout.

    We planned to redesign the "advanced" layout (new features as well as better ergonomics), and this would solve this missing interface. We hope to make it available by the end of the year.
    If you badly requires to choose the device mode in "advanced" layout (I mean your workaround isn't enough), feel free to contact us via email, and we'll do ou best to find an intermediate solution.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @mwebb9413,

    As a follow-up, Millumin V4 features the redesign I told you before : the video-routing. Let me know if you have a question.

    Best. Philippe

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