Millumin and MidiNotes


I try to control Ableton using a Millumin Data layer....a simple play scene in Live that is link to a column millumin...
Using Midipacth bay soft, i m able to send or receive midi between Millumin and Ableton...but Millumin send always the same note!
However, i don't understand how works millumin data layer!
i just need to send a different midi note on each column...but the "current value" don't seem to change the what is "current value"??
in fact, i would simply change the "key" value on each column...but it doesn't work... could i do this??



  • Hi,

    If you want send a different Midi Note, you muste have a data track for each note...
    But you can also use an other appli for that, like Chataigne (
    Perhaps there is an other solution ?


  • Indeed, a data-track will always send the same CC or the same note.
    However, we are thinking about having a "free" mode where you could just enter the exact CC/note for each column. In fact, this would work in the same fashion as "OSC flags" for data-tracks.

    Anyway, for now, a solution could be to use OSC with Ableton Live instead : I think LiveOSC would be useful.

    Best. Philippe
  • Sadly....i really understand nothing in OSC...
    i ve try chataigne....but i get lost rigth away!
    What about sending the same midi message on the same channel on both soft at the same time???
    Is it a safe way for a performance????
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