Manage Column Transition

Hello, is there a way to control manually a transition between 2 columns, with a midi controller or with OSC?
I can't do it with : Interactions > manage column transition
or with : Monitor > Masters, column transition fader
Thanks ! Claire


  • Be sure to set your column transition as "manual".
    Another solution is to press the "pause" button in the Monitor/Masters, but this is not very handy.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe, thanks for the answer !
    Now the problem is, when I press the space bar to go to the next manual transition, the video that was playing freezes.
    Then I start the transition manually, the video restarts.
    Is it a bug ?
    Thanks, Claire
  • Hello @Videogrammes,

    Yes, this is the expected behavior : until the transition starts (goes above 0%), the movies stay in pause.
    This is very practical to initiate a manual transition whenever your want, and begin the transition exactly when you need to.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,
    The problem is, when a video is playing on the 2 columns (after and before a manual transition), it's stopping too, I don't think it's normal. Please find attached a simplified exemple, thanks, Claire
  •  Hello @Videogrammes,

    Thank you for this report.
    We fixed this for next update (3.16.c). I sent you a special version with the fix.

    Best. Philippe
  • Perfect, thanks !
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