NDI Audio ?

Hi !  Have been testing with NDI output to integrate into other systems and am not able to get Audio routed to NDI.  Is this a system limitation ?  I can route audio to any of my audio boards and interfaces, but not with video via NDI.   Am I doing anything wrong ?

thank you ! 


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    Hello @Fcarva22,

    Millumin does not output audio via NDI, only video. Feel free to voter for this idea.
    For now, we are rather focused to decode and play NDI audio (for next beta).

    A solution could be to use NDI Audio Embedder. I hope this would help.

    Best. Philippe
  • hello Philippe,

    this NDI audio embedder is a windows based so you suggest that we use this ??
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    Hello @Arveen,

    Sorry, you're right. This app have been suggested on Facebook group, so I thought it was also on macOS, but it's not.

    A solution would be to route the general audio to something like Loopback and use OBS (+ NDI plugin) to stream everything. Feel free to vote for this idea as well.

    Best. Philippe
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