Particules - version beta

Je souhaiterais savoir si je peux remplacer les particules (dans particles spiral) par une image ou par une animation? Quel effet pourrait me permettre de le faire? 
Merci de votre réponse. 


  • Hello @ElsaB,

    I'm replying in English, since other people can read this forum (for questions in French, please reach us directly via email).

    No, sorry, it's not possible to change the image for this preset.
    There is another preset called "Particles Texture" where you can do this, but the movement is different than a spiral.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe, 

    Can I check...

    I too was looking to change the particles in "particles spiral" and "particles vortex" with an image or a movie file. I understand that this is not possible.

    When using "Particles Texture" is it possible to use a movie file instead of an image file?

  • Hello @kailashed,

    Sorry, it's not possible to use a movie.
    For now, we are focused on other features, but feel free to submit an idea on Uservoice. Please keep in mind that this particles system is an experiemental feature (thus in beta) and subject to evolve.

    Best. Philippe
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