NotchLC codec support

Does millumin support notchLC codec?
Thank you


  • Hello @generalh,

    No, it doesn't. But we are studying this idea.
    Why do you need this codec ? Do you need to work in 10-bit ?

    Best. Philippe
  • I'm not in need but i understand so far that this is a better quality and this is enough for me to push this way.
    Best regards
  • Hello @generalh,

    The main advantages of NotchLC are :
    • Encoding that seems faster than other codecs according to their website
    • High quality compression (this may double the size in comparison of HAP Q)
    • Supporting 10-bit colour (clean gradients for example), but a 10-bit pipeline costs more to render (Millumin uses a 8-bit pipeline for now)

    If you want quality, ProRes-4444 is quite relevant : the difference will be very very subtle. Even on 10-bit displays.
    If you are working with 8-bit displays or videoprojectors, HAP Q will be fine.

    In the future, NotchLC might be more and more relevant as the 10-bit displays become the standard.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe ! A little up for that format which is great, with fast exports and great renders. Looking for the updates from your side ;-)
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