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I would be interested in something like in this video to create with Millumin. Would that be possible with Millumin? I think so or am I wrong?

I also find the implementation by these guys very interesting:

I think that's where it's headed in the near future.

I am currently weighing between Unity and Unreal. Which game engine I want to learn in the future. I actually tend to be more to unreal. Since a significant pro point here would be crucial for the better graphics.

My question to you would be here. Would an unreal plug-in be released in the future?

Could I do something like in the videos above with Millumin?

One point here would also be the parallax effect of the representing camera. Here a tracking system would have to transmit the data to the position of the camera as far as I would understand. Would that be possible?

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  • To answer your questions :

    # Could I do something like in the videos above with Millumin ?
    We designed the "structure" system in Millumin to do so. See this tutorial.
    This "structure" system all started in 2014 when we worked on the show "Le Mouvement de l'Air" by the company Adrien M & Claire B : see this video. The principle is an optic illusion called "anamorphosis", and let the audience believe that the stage expands far away or things are flying around (like the in beginning of the video).
    My feeling is that this system could be even better with some more features, especially to allow usage in more situation. If you use it, please send us your feedback. Thank you.

    # With a parallax effect of the representing camera ?
    Indeed, it would require tracking of the "real" camera to move the "virtual" camera accordingly.
    Solutions such as the Vive Tracker exists but we did not test some with Millumin.

    # Would an unreal plug-in be released in the future?
    This is not planned, sorry.
    Feel free to create an idea on Uservoice, so we could see if other users are also interested.
    There is a NDI plugin however (not tested).

    # Unity or Unreal Engine ?
    In my opinion, Unity is easier to learn and offers a lot of features already. Lastly, it also have a more important community.
    Unreal Engine is probably more efficient and better integrated (less depending on third-party plugins like Unity), but I guess it depends also on your skills.
    In brief, as a show creator, I do think Unity is great for you. However, keep in mind that our industry has great tool such as Smode for example. In contrary of Unity that is designed for games, such tools are designed for shows. Huge difference to me.

    Best. Philippe

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    Thanks for your detailed answers Philippe!

    I would like to addict all who are interested in this topic with the following link. Matt Workman, Director of Photography / Director from above first video has created a Facebook group on this topic. This group is insanely inspiring and awesome!

    Philippe, there's one thing I'm sorry to say after several days of research. Concerning exactly this topic of a virtual production the support of the above mentioned group is much better than any Unity group. In Unity, according to my research, almost nothing of importance exists.

    I have expressed an idea in the uservoices for this possibility.

    Have a good time and stay healthy!
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