Millumin_3.15.l Beta

Latest beta refuse to start over two different computers.
Millumin window is launched but when pressing the "create a new project" button nothing happens.


  • Hello @vjkatza,

    Some questions :
    - What is the model of your computer ? MacBookPro 15'' Touchbar 2018 ?
    - What is your graphic card ? Radeon Pro 560X ?
    - What is your version of macOS ? 10.14.6 ?
    - Could you send us (via emai) a TeamViewer session ?

    Thank you.
    Best. Philippe

    PS : usually, it's far better to contact us directly via email, so we could ask you about more personal information and exchanges files.
  • Thanks I replied by email
  • I have the same issue with my MacBook Pro 15 late 2013 with 10.15.4

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. There was a little bug with a few Intel GPU that caused this issue.
    It has been fixed in latest beta 3.15.m

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank You!
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