$(millumin:remainingTime) + Companion

Hi guys,

Just checking if anyone has had success with Companion and the dynamic variable of "$(millumin:remainingTime)" being returned. I can get the "$(millumin:currentColumn)" value returned, but says "undefined" with the remainingTime variable.

Running the latest version of Companion companion-2.0.0-a16e1a2-2236. on OSX.

Any help would be appreciated.




  • Hi, 
    did you add the name of the layer ?
  • @hyll, yes I have the name of the layer correct.

    It's strange the remainingTime variable doesn't return a proper value, but the currentColumn does.

  • It works on my side. I've just tested with your version, it worked too, but it messed things up for me.
    I recommand you try this version companion-2.0.0-c00df64-2199-osx.zip
    and you'd notice that the message is now "$(millumin2:remainingTime)" it seems that in your version the message used is "$(millumin:remainingTime)"

  • Hi Hyll,

    Thank you for your response. I got it working with a bit of fiddling around. 

    The remaining time is returned in seconds not a HH:MM:SS format. @Philippe I would recommend an update on this for a future improvement. It also doesn't clear when changing columns to a picture, for example, that doesn't haven't a remaining time. 

    Thanks again!

  • just to correct my post the "millumin2" modification is just me messing around with several instances. ;)

  • Having a play with this but just getting $NA showing, not sure what i've missed.
  • There seems to be an issue with Millumin 3 and 2.1.1 as far as I can tell - I get feed back on column number - but now time code and also play/pause timeline sent from Companion isn't working now. It would be good to get @Philippe to show the module in Companion some love as its becoming the go to for some much show control.
  • hi all,

    did this get fixed i keep getting N/A?

    can someone supply a detailed explanation?

  • Hello @virtual,

    The OSC API of Millumin did not change (only new messages have been added in Millumin V3).

    An issue for the Companion's plugin have been created here. Can you comment your issue there ?

    Best. Philippe

  • edited March 2021

    Change your layer name to "time" or "main" in both Millumin and Companion and this should work just fine.

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