Hi :)

So is it technically possible to some day use technologies like AMD DirectGMA in Millumin ?

This would be incredible.

(Its a technology that moves images from capture card to GPU directly, and so can enable incredible low latency for live video)




  • Hello @sorkc,

    These technologies aren't supported on all GPU/platforms. But we're discussing with Apple engineers about it.

    Regarding Bluefish444, we're supporting their capture cards in latest beta (see this post). But I'm not sure that DirectGMA would decrease the latency that much : for sure, it allows to transfert less data, but this operation is often less than one frame.
    Indeed, to decrease latency, it's rather a matter of optimizing the buffer and how quick captured images can go through the computer. For example, Bluefish444 allows to use a special implementation to start transferring data to the computer as soon as a pixel-line (of the total captured image) is available. We're studying this possibility, but this requires a lot of work to be stable and reliable.

    Best. Philippe
  • all cards are supported ?
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