NDI Inputs randomly swapping

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Hi Everyone,

I am experiencing something strange with NDI sources in Millumin:

I have 2 separate projections which are generated realtime on another computer and get sent to Millumin over NDI. The sources (inputs) are named differently and are added both in a timeline. I find that absolutely randomly, although the correctly labeled source is playing, it is displaying the other one and vice-versa. 

This happens in both the timeline and dashboard, has anyone been experiencing this? Does anyone know of a fix?

Oddly, this never used to happen with Syphon. I made the switch to NDI because the former is being deprecated.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your reply!


  • In this case, it's often better to reach our email support, so we could create a ticket.
    Indeed : could you send us a TeamViewer session, so we could check this ? Thank you.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi @Phillipe,

    Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately that computer is currently air gapped about to go on tour. Will it be helpful if I make a video of this happening? I will also try to recreate the situation on another computer running Millumin and send you a TV session but it will take some time until I get around to it.

  • NDI library provides a name for
    a NDI server in the form "MACHINE_NAME (NDI_SOURCE_NAME)". Millumin
    uses this as an identifier to distinguish the NDI servers.
    example, to retrieve a NDI server that has been missing for a moment :
    Millumin compares this identifier to find the right NDI server. This
    mecanism is shared with Syphon and INetSyphon servers.

    Anyway, if possible, please send us a video (or a TeamViewer session) to our email support.
    We'll study this. Thank you.

    Best. Philippe
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