Real-Time LTC Timecode Generator

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Hello all,

I’d like to share my realtime LTC Timecode Generator Application that allows you to create
cue lists containing named timecode ranges. It's meant for synchronizing multiple media servers.  The main benefit here is you won't have to export and manage timecode files, but rather LTC is generated in real time.

It is built in Touchdesigner so you will need to install that first. No touchdesigner experience needed as this opens just like a standalone application.  I've only tested it on PC, but Touchdesigner runs well on mac as well so there shouldn't be issues.  All features are available in the free non-commercial license so you can evaluate it, but It might just lower the resolution of the GUI to 1280x720.

The repo's readme has a full feature list and instructions on how to use it. 

Keep in mind this is still beta, if you plan on using this in production with millumin, please test thoroughly and feel free to shoot me a message and I can assist you in implementing into your workflow.  You can also put issues on the repo so I can track and resolve them.




  • Hello @fran8619,

    Thank you for your sharing this tool.
    This looks very great, but it doesn't output audio (TouchDesigner on macOS). Despite I set an audio output in "settings".

    Best. Philippe
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    Hi Philippe,
    Check the control panel window and make sure output audio is enabled. I had originally put audio settings in the control panel, but moved them to settings. On my to do list is moving that button to settings.
    If that doesn't work, must be a Mac os bug and I'll take a look tonight!
    Thanks for checking it out,
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    This audio output bug has been resolved in version 1.04, sorry about that!  I have noticed performance is not as great overall on mac compared to PC.  I started a development branch where I'll be working on optimization.
    For that branch you'd use the file "LTC_Timecode Generator_Dev.toe", and you'd need the entire folder because scripts and components are externalized. I'll only be doing a release version on the main branch.

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