7 screens // what hardware do I need?

Hello every one!

I need to project with 7 video projector in FullHD. What is the best solution?

I have a macbook pro with thunderbolt 2...

- 2 Matrox Quadhead2Go?
- 2 eGPu?
- 2 Datapath?
- Barco E2 not in my budget !

Thanks a lot in advance..


  • Supporting so many videoprojectors from a single MacBookPro Retina seems too much. Indeed, 2 x 4K@60 outputs from this computer is a lot.

    I would rather advise you to reduce your resolution to 720p60 per projector, then use 2 x Datapath FX4 chained together (so only one cable from your computer to the first FX4, then a cable from the first to the second FX4).
    Of course, this need some testing to confirm this, but you should be able to set an input resolution of 8960x720 (7x1280x720) then distribute 7 x 1280x720 HDMI outputs accross your 2 Datapath FX4.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : we do not recommend eGPU with Thunderbolt 2 (more info on this post), but you may test this solution and check if it fits your needs
  • ok thank you Philippe,

    What do you think about the matrox quadhead2Go?
  • Hello @peppinoline,

    Sorry, we've not tested the Matrox Quadhead2Go.
    But people have ran some tests in Facebook group (the group where you asked the same question) : so far, it doesn't work as great as the FX4.

    Best. Philippe
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