Streaming to phones

Hi everybody 

So, I’m trying to send videos from millumin to multiple phones. Wirelessly. I tried with TLSyphonViewer, but the result is a bit glitchy, and, it works on iPhones, but not so much on androids. And so far I haven’t been really successful. Any ideas ?


  • Hello @perig,

    Be sure to have a very good Wifi router to do so. Unfortenatly NDI doesn't work in this direction (computer to phones).

    Another solution could be to use MultiVid (loading the movie on your phone then using MultiVid to launch it at the same time).
    More info here.

    Best. Philippe
  • Philippe, wouldn't this setup work ?

    - Millumin Canvas to NDI
  • Hello @hyll,

    Yes, but I never used this application on iOS.
    The only problem I can see, is the performances : depending on the iPhone model, the optimal resolution may be rather 720p instead of 1080p.

    Best. Philippe
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