How to control shutter for barco projector with millumin

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hi guys~

I want to control shutter for barco projector with Millumin.
How can i do this?

watch out can control shutter for barco.

Is Millumin possible? 
Is it possible send to string message for Hex code?

I need your wisdom!!
Help me.


  • Hello @UDam,

    You can use a data-track to do so : see this tutorial.

    I guess you need to send a "string" message with the value in Millumin :
    • "[HEX_20][HEX_42][HEX_00]" to close the shutter
    • "[HEX_20][HEX_42][HEX_01]" to open the shutter

    Best. Philippe
  • I'm back!!

    I'm sorry, I was late to say thank you.
    I was too busy this time, I was insane.

    From the conclusion, I failed
    The reason is that, Barco Projector used this time is a new UDX model.

    Technical engineer of Barco Korea said that 
    the UDX model is possible only with Javascript, not HEX CODE.

    So we performed with a plan that fits that.
    UDX model is not my taste.

    Anyway, thank you so much for answering me ~
    My best friend Philippe

  • Hello,

    I just had the same problem on Barco HDX series So I share the info I search during hours. It more complex cause you have to send the correct structure.

    Start byte (1 byte->FE) - Device address (1 byte->00 for ethernet communication) - request(data of the command)(x byte) - checksum (1 byte to calculate -> address + resquest modulo 0x100) - stop Byte(1 byte -> FF)


    set the device in TCP mode at 43680 port

    Shuter Open

    0xfe 0x00 0x22 0x42 0x00 0x64 0xff

    -> so the string to send is


    Shuter Close


    Lamp On


    Lamp Off



    You should update the "template command" in millumin cause "[HEX_00][HEX_22][HEX_42]" couldn't works without structure.

  • Hello @john,

    Thank you. I created a section in our help center here, to gather such commands. We will do our best to add some.

    By the way, to switch on the lamp : [HEX_FE][HEX_00][HEX_76][HEX_1A][HEX_01][HEX_91][HEX_FF] should be sufficient, right ?

    Best. Philippe

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