OSC mode to launch video on an other computer with millumin

Happy new year !
I have 4 computers (all of them with millumin 3, 1 macbook pro et 3 mac mini), 5 same videoprojectors.
Macbook pro 1 : server mode (with Linksys router RJ45)
Mac mini 1 : 1 Gigabit router / millumin with 2 videprojectors
Mac mini 2 : 1 Gigabit router / millumn with 1 videoprojector
Mac mini 3 : 1 Gigabit router / millumin with 2 videprojectors

I'd like to control the 3 mini with OSC protocol with my macbook pro.
I did a project with dashboard. I have my 5 displays (one linear canvas with my 5 repartitions on my 3 mac mini)
Problem 1 : I can't control the 3 mini with 1 dashboard command (I don't know how to do, I can command them one by one)
Problem 2 : it's impossible to have a non linear canvas. I try to do it with slice editor, but you can do this split screen only with one picture. My 5 videoprjectors are like the 5 face of a dice. How can I do to have a split screen like this on my macbook pro ?
Thank you for your help
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  • You can check this tutorial to create a backup computer : the principle would be the same to synchronize several computers.

    For the second question, I'm not sure to understand. But if you want to map a "flat" image onto 5 faces of a cube, that's not easy. Not a software problem, but rather a physical problem : indeed, try to "unfold" your cube, and you'll see that you cannot join all edges.
    However, if you want to create an anamorphosis, you may want to use a "structure", see this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
  • Bonjour Philippe, 
    merci pour ta réponse. Je vais répondre en Français, plus simple car c'est assez compliqué.
    Ce que je voudrais faire : 
    j'ai un mac qui contrôle une image, dispatchée sur 3 autres mac, qui eux diffusent sur 5 VP (2 VP par mac sur les cotés, et 1 mac 1 VP au milieu) L'installation au plateau ressemble à une face de dé coté 5. Chaque point représente un VP.
    Sur mon écran principal, j'ai fait un canvas avec mes 5 "sorties" en NDI. Ca fonctionne très bien. Mais dans cette configuration, mon canvas met les 5 images à la suite. Or ce que j'aimerai c'est avoir sur mon écran de travail la même configuration qu'au plateau (ma face de dé) en attribuant les différents points à mes différents VP. Ce qui me permettrait de travailler une image globale, qui se dispatcherait ensuite comme je veux. J'ai essayé avec Slice editor, mais Slice editor est attribué à une image non un calque ou une timeline, bref je ne crois pas que ça marche…Aurais tu une solution ? merci d'avance, cordialement, Siegfried

  • Sorry, I've to answer in English, so other people can follow the conversation (if you want to speak french, it's better to reach our email support directly).

    From what I understand, you want to create a 3D videomapping from 5 surfaces, and create an optical illusion so the audience sees a seamless image. As stated in my previous message, this optical illusion is called "anamorphosis".
    Usually, it's better to build content in 3D, so Millumin provides a way to achieve such a result with "structure" (see this tutorial).

    For more easy content (especially only 2D), you could use several canvas to create this optical illusion. But this requires to adjust carefully your mapping.
    See attached project (alternatively, you can use 2 instances of Millumin : one for the content, one for the output).

    Best. Philippe
  • Just cool, Philippe. Please keep examples like You Solve Things online.

    Many greetings

    Citizen Caine
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