Hello! I already know this page and you talk about it and I have some doubts.

I'm going to a place where I'm going to have to foresee everything because there are no possibilities to buy something.

I am looking for something that is not very expensive and that gives me little latency when capturing video.

*The EPIPHAN option is very expensive.

I have a MACBOOKPRO with USB-C and I'm looking at these options:
  1.  ATEM MINI:    Has anyone tried it?
      2. UltraStudio Mini Recorder
          I have seen that there are THUNDERBOLT -> USB -C adapters. I have my doubts that it works, has anyone tried it?

      3. And finally either of these two options. Magewell USB Capture HDMI or the Inogeni 4K

Is there anyone with a recommendation between these options?

Thank you very much for your help.


  • Hello @Rtamariz,

    The Ultrastudio Mini Recorder is probably the most cost-effective solution, and it works like a charm. You only need a Thunderbolt3-to-Thunderbolt2 adapter : the Apple one being my recommendation.
    The latency is about 4 or 5 frames (60 to 80ms).

    The Atem Mini has a direct USB-C output and will be supported in next version of Millumin (3.14.d coming soon). But it has a lot more feature than the Mini Recorder, thus a higher price.

    Whatever you buy, be sure to check the input format :
    - the Mini Recorder can capture at 1080p30 max (or 1080i60)
    - the Atem Mini can cpature at 1080p60 max

    Best. Philippe
  • As always, you're a big help.
  • Hi everybody,

    Does someone know the latency with the new Atem Mini ?

    Thanks a lot,

  • Hi Rtamariz,
    I have MacBook Pro TB and BM Intensity Shuttle USB and Atem mini. I haven’t measured it yet but the Atem’s latency looks same as Intensity Shuttle.
    I’m going to measure it in a couple of days.
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