Blackmagic Atem Mini As Input

Hi all,
Is it possible to use Blackmagic Atem Mini as input device? I tried it works with Skype but don't shown as inputs in Millumin V3.


  • Hello @fatih,

    Could you send us a TeamViewer session via email ?
    We'll study the issue directly on your computer. thank you

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you!
  • Hello @fatih,

    Thank you for the TeamViewer session.
    We prepared a fix for next official version (3.14.d) and sent you an intermediate one via email.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you so much Philippe!
  • I wanted to buy the Blackmagic Atem Mini as input device

    I have seen in the forum that you have it....
    what do you think?
    work with a lot of lag?
    I don't know if you care to tell me how it works

  • Hi Rtamariz,
    It works very well, without lag. But you can see the latency easily. I didn’t measured yet. There is no usb cable in the Atem’s box. The quality of image is depends on the cable that you used. If you use USB2 cable it works but with some lag and reduced image quality. But if you use usb3 or thunderbolt 3 cable, it works perfect. There is no settings in Millumin interface for resolution etc. you have to do it on atem’s software.
    If you have more questions, I can help you
  • Thank you very much, you've been very helpful in explaining, I think it will be my purchase too.

  • You are welcome!
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