Experience with AJA HA5-4K


since I would like to output 4 simultaneous SDI FullHD signals from my iMac Pro I've found the AJA HA5-4K which is "little" cheaper than a FX4-SDI. Has anybody experiences with it? Is it easily possible to assign the 4 FullHD quadrants to the outputs?
And when sending a 4k or Ultra HD Signal (2160p50): is it possible to output a 1080i50 signal?

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  • Yes, it can transform a 4K@60 signal coming from HDMI into 4 x 1080p60 SDI outputs.
    However, i has far less features than a Datapath Fx4 (wall designer, genlock, ...).

    Anyway, such a device is setup by the software AJA Mini-Config that you can download here : interesting enough, you will find the complete manual of the HA5-4K inside this download, so you could see what options are available for this device.
    From what I understand, there is no settings to convert a signal (I mean 4k@50 into 5 x 1080i50 outputs for example). See image below :


    BUT ... please ask AJA support to be sure about that. They might be the most relevant people to answer such a question in detail.
    Best. Philippe

    1020 x 820 - 353K
  • Thanks a lot Philippe
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