NDI with iPhone

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I'm trying to connect my iPhone camera via SDI HX Camera. Millumin recognizes the SDI but when I put it in the layer and click to play I receive this message: "To access this NDI stream, please update the receiver software to a version prepared using the NDI 4 SDK (or better). My Millumin is 3 and updated. What do I have to do?


  • NDI V4 has been just released last September, so it is too early to integrate it in official Millumin version (right now 3.14.a).
    However, next beta of Millumin (3.15.a) will include NDI V4 support : this will be available within one or two weeks.
    If you cannot wait, drop us an email.

    Best. Philippe
  • Ok, I can wait. Thank you.
  • Dear Philippe,

    Waiting the update, how can we use this app? Do they have a Mac OS app we can syphon?

  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    A new beta of Millumin, supporting NDI V4, will be released in a few days.
    Stay tuned.

    Best. Philippe
  • Great! Thanks for that, Philippe.
  • Hey Philippe,

    Do you have any news about this wonderful feature in the production version?

  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    We have many things to test in this beta, that have been only released one month ago.
    Expect at least 3 or 4 months of beta, before going official.

    Feel free to use the beta during several days. If you find no problem, you can take a chance ot use it in production.
    Of course, report us anything that is not expected (use the "Contact" button in Millumin to store your notes).

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks, Philippe.

    All the best,

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