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Hi everybody.
I must upgrade from v1 to v2 of Millu, because of Apple OS upgrade.
Actually, I can map the same button of control device midi to active one case of my all boards. I import a mapped project "gabarit" in the worked project and I can use the same button to control medias. I change board, map is kept. I have made that via Milluplug

Can I make same with v2 ? How ? Thx a lot !


  • MilluPlug was only designed for Millumin V1, thus it's not useful with Millumin V2/V3. Indeed, most of what you could do with MilluPlug can be done with Millumin V2/V3 (especially via the data-track and the interactions).

    Also, some more complete applications have risen since MilluPlug. Chataigne (free) and Octopus to name a few.
    Please find attached a Chataigne project, doing what you want.

    You can find all the OSC messages too control Millumin in the OSC documentation here.

    By the way, if you never used Millumin V2, I recommend you to read the first 3 tutorials here.
    Of course, we added a lot of subtle features in Millumin V3 that would makes your experience even more comfortable.

    Best. Philippe

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  • OK. Thx. Mapping from Millumin v2 doesn't work this function ? 
    I've already used v2, but just with mouve et jeyboard. No mapping device

  • Yes, creating an interaction to start/stop a media, start/stop a column, ... is possible in Millumin V2/V3. Just like in Millumin V1. However, interactions tend to be binded to a specific object (a layer, a column, ...).
    To learn more about interactions, read this tutorial.

    In your case, you want to control media #1 of layer #1, whatever the project is, whatever the board is. That's why you used MilluPlug with Millumin V1. That's why I recommend you Chataigne with Millumin V2/V3.

    Best. Philippe
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