Dynamic text

after having read this page :
I tried to use Chataigne (great tool) :
to send an OSC message to Millumin in order to display texts

I used the message "/myLayer/currentMedia/fullText" to update the text without success.
in Chataigne I add a string argument (the text to disply) to this message but not working.

Any advice ?


  • Hello,

    Are you sure that the name of your layer is : "MyLayer" ?

    Good luck
  • Hello @Alain,

    Be sure to use the latest beta : this is a really new feature.
    However, the beta will be soon launched as the official version.

    If the problem persists, try with the example we provided in the tutorial (Processing).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello,
    I tested with Millumin 3,12,o and it's working with Chataigne like this :

    - In Chataigne custom message "/Layer/currentMedia/fullText" and a string argument with the text to display
    - as Manouche35 suggests, the layer name must obviously be the same in the message and in Millumin

    Next step :
    It would be nice to set others parameters (like font size, font, alignement, line spacing...) this way (OSC and Chataigne) too !

    How to find their OSC adresses ?

    Thanks !
  • Hello @Alain,

    You can control more parameters :
    - /layer/currentMedia/fontSize
    - /layer/currentMedia/alignment
    - /layer/currentMedia/lineSpacing

    More info on OSC documentation.
    The font-name cannot be changed via OSC.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks,
    I will test this asap.
  • Hello,

    I use the osc command in mill with success from Chataigne,

    But, if the text had a particular form (like é, è, ë...), the text don't appear on millumin.

    So, what is the format use for texte in millumin ?

    Thanks ! (and sorry for the bad English I'm French...)

  • Hello @Cornehu,

    According to OSC specifications, strings must be ASCII characters : so you cannot use é, è, ... with OSC. Sorry.

    The solution may be to write in a file (instead of using OSC). See tutorial in the first message.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello !

    Thx for the answer, but, according to your tutorial, millumin check the textfile every 2 sec...

    How to make this method faster ?

  • Hello @Cornehu,

    Sorry, it's not possible.

    I do not know what you want to do, but if you need surtitles , Glypheo may be useful.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello,

    Next question !

    Is it possible to send a newline with an osc command?

    I would like to send an array consisting of several strings one below the other, all in a single millumin text element.

    Thank you in advance !

  • Hello @Cornehu,

    Yes, you can add a special "return" char (usually noted \r) or "new line" char (usually noted \n) to break a line.

    If you use an OSC application with a field to enter the string (such as OSCTestApp), you need to press OPTION+ENTER to break a line.

    Best. Philippe

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