Multiple layers speed control


first, sorry for my poor English. 

I have a simple question. 
Can I change media speed on multiple layers in same time? 

I'm using Millumin as a show media player. 
I can't using timecode synchronizing for various reasons. 
so I control media speed manually by sending osc message with midi controller.
basically I rendered all led surface in one file (mov, prores 422)
but maybe next project. I need to control two media at once,

anyway. I tested by chateigne 
Send osc message with same midi key mapping like this

/millumin/layer:1/media/speed/ [1.5]
/millumin/layer:2/media/speed/ [1.5]

It seemed working. 
But when I release mapped key, It shows slightly different frame. (1 or 2 frames delay) 
Do you have any idea of control media speed on different layers without delay? 


  • Hello @HWANK1M,

    First of all, the OSC message should be "/millumin/index:1/media/speed", not "/millumin/layer:1/media/speed".
    I tested the following Chataigne configuration (see image below), and it's working correctly.

    Best. Philippe

    1916 x 942 - 640K
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