Action CAM wireless?


i would like to know if someone allready did this, but i would like for a show use a mini action cam (it has to be a really small camera, because it will be hide inside an helmet)  and send wireless signal to Millumin. Have you ever try this?
Which camera would be naturally detect by millumin, or wich kind of installation did you use for manage to do something like that?
I use to ask everybody if they know a system like this but nobody knows it around me, so lets send a bottle in the sea. Thank you a lot!!


  • Hello @loursunik,

    There are many wireless camera that operates on a WIFI network : even a GoPro can do this. Of course, the quality isn't the best.
    Mobile phone cameras may also works : see EpocCam for example. Or NDI Camera.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi,

    I use EpoCcam and NDI HX Camera, NDI camera have a better connection but use only one lens on the iPhone.

    EpocCam can switch the 3 lens of the iPhone, but have a delay and not stable connection, I try to use NDI connection preference but Milumin dn't find the connection, only work on wifi or auto.

    Thank you

  • Hello @Aliocha,

    Did you try to create a computer-to-computer Wifi network between your Mac and your iPhone ? This may improve quality of the signal.

    Regarding "NDI" mode of EpocCam : can you get the NDI signal into Newtek NDI Monitor ? If not, please contact Elgato support, as it may be an issue on their side.

    Best. Philippe

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